Fat Loss Factor Review – Exactly Learn How To Lose Weight Fast

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There are currently quite a few fat burning programs available as digital products in the market today and there is a particular one that has been getting a lot of attention lately called the Fat Loss Factor (FLF). I decided to write a Fat Loss Factor review after testing out the product to assist potential buyers make an informed decision about the effectiveness of the system.


FLF Overview :

The Fat Loss Factor program is a dieting program made up of a special combination of exercise and nutrition. It is the brainchild creation of Dr. Charles Livingston, a practicing chiropractor, fitness and nutrition specialist. Dr Charles has initially offered this system to his personal patients and after seeing great results and receiving plenty of positive feedback, decided to offer the program to those individuals seeking how to lose weight world wide.
The mastermind behind the program is Dr. Charles Livingstone – he is well known in the chiropractic community and also known as a wellness specialist. The guide contains specifics for a better, healthier lifestyle plan. The idea is to condition people to lose unwanted stomach fat. Starting from the ‘thought’ of success to using the knowledge learned to eat better, excersise with a purpose and create a focused mental attitude. The advice listed in the book is considered ‘down to earth’ with a no nonsense approach.

A big area of focus in this course is the removal of the bad toxins in the body. A detox if you will, it’s pushed hard and for good reason. Foods such as vegetables, fruits, raw nuts, seeds beans etc.. – these are to prepare your body for success in the long-run. The first phase is a bit tougher and requires a lot of water intake, it’s all for a greater cause.

Another phase within the program begins to focus on the correct foods to eat. You’ll be provided with a list of 15 foods that help cause weight loss. You’ll also begin the exercise program including strength and interval training to help ‘shock’ your body, you will also be advised to drink a large amount of water during this phase.

Next, you will learn how to control some of the mind and body aspects of the journey. Losing weight (especially at the beginning) can be a bit stressful and there is a small portion discussing on how to help deal with that. You’ll be reminded about smaller portions as well as the effects of healthy eating for a better living.


The Fat Loss Factor is set into different separate stages :

The Cleanse Phase:

The initial phase is a period where you will be detoxing your body and getting rid of all the toxins you may have accumulated over the years. This cleansing stage takes two weeks to complete the detox process. During this 2 weeks, you will eat only organic food like fruits, beans and vegetables. After completing this phase, Dr Charles says you should notice an increase in your energy level and also feel a lot more healthier.

The Fat Burning Phase:

After the two weeks, you will then move on to the main weight loss phase of this program. During this period, you will consume a natural balanced diet, drink a lot of water, participate in interval and strength training and learn to eat less food but more often per day. You will also learn about the types of food that actually increase your metabolism and help to burn fat and also what foods you should not eat as these will have the negative effect of piling on the pounds.

Another important aspect at this stage is that you also learn about removing stress from your mind. Dr Charles explains in depth why a stressful mind is a bad thing for your health and how this can act as a barrier to your goal of losing weight. You will also learn about mind preparation for losing weight and why the right mental attitude and motivation and be highly beneficial in achieving your transformation goals.

The exercises are set as regular but short 15 minute interval routines and have been customized based on your previous workout history. There are three stages, beginner, advanced and expert. You also get a bonus pack of full workout videos for you watch and then perform the exercises.

Is the Fat Loss Factor effective ?

After trying out the system over a period of 6 weeks, I found the Fat Loss Factor to be highly effective in not just helping me to lose weight but I was also able to gain a nicely toned body. However, please note that this program may not be for everybody. It is not a magic formula that requires minimal effort from you. You really need to be motivated to the task of losing weight and completing the program.

The hardest part is completing the program and I feel that is where the mind preparation section of the program can be highly effective for those who want to lose weight but currently lack the motivation to do so. I personally ended up losing just over 20 pounds and I believe the FLF program can work for you too.

Overall Conclusion :

If you take the testimonials out there and combine it with user feed back such as forums and other talk groups, the overwhelming majority (including myself) is happy with it. The program is a bit of a different approach more-so than most programs out there. The detoxing and the phases help break things up as well, I give this an overall 9 out of 10 based on product, pricing, support and ease of use.

Pricing :

When pricing was first brought up, I thought this one would go for near the $100 range, give or take a few of course. To my surprise it’s listed at $47 – trying to be as impartial as I can, that seemed very fair to me considering what you get with it. For me, the icing on the cake was the 60 day unconditional refund guarantee.

Support :

With every product I look over, I always test the support to get a feel for how much they care about their customers. (This is a good way to find out for testing) I sent an email asking a few questions about the program, or rather clarification about the program. Usually most will reply within 24 hours, but to my surprised I got an email from DR Charles himself, it only took about 3 hours to hear back from him. It may have just been good timing, but it sure impressed me. In addition if you look around at others talking about the support, a vast majority of them seem to be very happy with it.

The good, the bad and the ugly:

The good:

Money back guarantee
Fat loss comes quickly
Muscle building at the same time
Experience higher energy levels
Easy access with a 60 day refund
Down to earth reading
Ebooks and videos included

The Bad:

It’s difficult at first (Much like most new things)
Requires a commitment
Foods are sometimes a bit pricy
To get full benefit, gym membership is required